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T Boom

Our most popular crane is the Amco Veba T Boom. Thanks to its design a “T” crane takes up less space on the chassis so the body can be built longer to add extra space for cargo. This crane is very simple to operate with its simple geometry and functionality. Tip N Lift provide full training for this product.

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Tip N Lift distribute the highly competitive Amco Veba marine cranes. We offer their full range of cranes from 2TM to 85TM in a variety of configurations suitable for any vessel or jetty requirement. All products come with full marine environment protection. Tip N Lift also operate a skilled fabrication service and are always on hand to assist with any required modifications.

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In 2013 Tip N Lift and Marchesi Gru partnered to deliver a new grab crane into the market. Marchesi Gru have extensive experience working with the scrap and recycling industries, making them the perfect partner to develop a new crane for the less demanding construction industry.

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Knuckle boom

Tip N Lift are experts in the HYVA range of cranes as well as the sole UK distributor of the highly acclaimed Amco Veba range of cranes. In addition to the Amco Veba range Tip N Lift have the expertise to supply, service and repair all makes of Knuckle boom crane.

Amco Veba

Find more information on the highly acclaimed and extensive range of Amco Veba cranes by clicking below.


All our crane installations are supported by Trailerwin™ Tip N Lift conduct the necessary tests to make absolutely sure the supplied unit is suitable for the application. All the required statistics are processed through Trailerwin™ enabling Tip N Lift to determine the optimum position of the crane.

This technology is used for all builds at Tip N Lift. Ensuring client confidence in every product leaving the forecourt.